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strategic plan update

We are thankful that we have been able to complete 80% of the initiatives for our 2010-2015 Strategic Plan; below is an update of each of these initiatives. Please see below a review for each of the six initiatives. 


Click on the links below for a printable copy of the actions taken on each initiative: 

 1.  Technology Advancement    

   2.  Integration of Faith, Practice, and Diversity

    3. Curriculum and Faculty Development

    4.  Facility Enhancements

5.  Financial Advancement and Tuition Management

    6.  Building Community Relations and Maintaining a Healthy Enrollment


Sandy Ridge Campus update

SEPTEMBER 2014 Update:  

In His perfect timing, the Lord provided 68 acres in the “heart of the Triad” at the corner of Sandy Ridge Road and Johnson Street.  This new property frees us from previous constraints and will allow us to faithfully seek God’s direction for expansion and other exciting educational opportunities. 

The true “first phase” of this development was obtaining the land in 2010 and becoming completely debt-free in this acquisition.  Since 2012, we have gone through the process of zoning, architectural renderings, engineering studies, etc.  We are now (as of the summer 2014) in the leadership “quiet phase” of this campaign, meeting with the first of our donors one-on-one to share the vision of the development of this property.

We need your prayers to turn this God-sized task into a reality and to prepare Wesleyan Christian Academy for the current and future generations of Wesleyan families.  We will continue to keep you updated on the campaign as we move forward.


As you may know, the current location of Wesleyan Christian Academy on Centennial Street includes 26 acres of land and 210,000 square feet of facility space.  Over the past 40 years, the academy program has grown in enrollment as well as in the number of programs provided to students. As a result, the current site is at capacity, and options for future expansion are very limited. 

Fortunately, in 2010 the academy acquired 66 acres of land on Sandy Ridge Road through the generosity and assistance of wonderful donors. The School Board and Administrative Team have been looking into the possible future use of the new property and toward that end are developing a master site plan, estimating relocation cost, and preparing a transition time line.  As part of this process and to evaluate future goals for our school, Wesleyan has contracted with the Timothy Group to conduct a feasibility study this fall. This important step will give us valuable information that will help determine how and when we can move forward. 

The challenge is great, but the long history of the school includes many examples of God’s faithfulness in providentially placing individuals in the right place at the right time. Please be in prayer as we seek to determine the support and direction with this new opportunity; we are anticipating His faithfulness in meeting our  needs. 

Sandy Ridge Property Project