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Open Letter From Brenda Cook

Hi, everyone.

My name is Brenda Cook, and I am the aquatics director at the Wesleyan Education Center- Wesleyan Aquatics (WEC-WA) pool. I have been around water all my life; in fact, I truly do not remember a time when I could not swim. As a result, I love and respect the water immensely. After my freshman year at Appalachian State University, I began teaching swim lessons at Sheraton Hills Swim Club here in High Point and have continued to do so since then. I love watching the learn-to-swim arc take place in an individual’s life, at any age. It is a beautiful thing. What a rewarding journey it can be!


I have had the honor of being the WA aquatics director for many years. The ingredient I believe to be the most significant in my story of joining the WEC family is when Dr. Clyde Parker (former senior pastor of First Wesleyan Church) shared with me his “vision” for this lovely pool and the entire WEC facility. That day, Dr. Parker, Joel Farlow (former WEC administrator), Randy Hite (former WEC recreation director), and I stood beside the construction site of the 25-yard pool. Dr. Parker, who has since gone home to be with Jesus, turned to me and said that he foresaw us reaching people for the Lord Jesus from “birth to the grave.” That is why he felt it imperative to build a daycare, a school, a senior adult apartment complex, and a nursing home. “Brenda, this is where you come in,” he said. “I want this pool to be used to the glory of God for the young and the young at heart! The pool benefits are without question, so what better tool to reach people as a ‘whole:’ spirit, soul, and body for Christ!” Wow! Sign me up! I was in; I was stoked; and I wanted to be a part of the Wesleyan team. 


While a student at ASU, I had committed my life to the Lord and to missions. I had a great desire and dream to serve the Lord full-time; in that moment, that desire was filled! I loved people, the water, and Jesus; now Dr. Parker helped me see how it all could all be realized at WEC through Christian education and aquatics. I will never forget that day, nor will I forget the honor I felt, and continue to feel, to be a part of such a wonderful ministry and to fulfill the, “desires of my heart” [Psalm 37:4].


What a blessing it is to continue to realize that desire and dream in ministry today. I am humbled every time I stop to think that the Lord can use even someone like me, to communicate His amazing love and grace. As the song so perfectly states: “Amazing love, how can it be, that You, my King, should die for me? Amazing love, I know it’s true. It’s my joy to honor You. In all I do, I honor You.” What an honor it is to serve the Lord, the staff, and the families of Wesleyan. Thank you, Dr. Parker; thank you, Joel Farlow; thank you, Randy Hite; and ultimately thank you “Daddy God,” for the opportunity to serve daily for the cause of Christ.


Join me on this web page in the months ahead as I share with you my vision of how water can be a blessing to your spirit, soul, and body. Let the journey begin.