Congressman Howard Coble

            Enrichment Center Student

                      Holly Schallert

   Named National Spokesperson for the
   National Center for Learning Disabilities

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  Distinguished Enrichment Center Guest

            Honorable Howard Coble

   US Representative for North Carolina's
           6th Congressional District


The Enrichment Center is a unique and vibrant offering for families who truly desire to have their children actively involved in a college preparatory Christian school but, because of their learning differences, are often unable to remain in their current setting. Realizing that each of these students have been uniquely created by God, Wesleyan Christian Academy stepped to the forefront and established a program that can be compared to no other -- the unique setting of offering quality learning disabilities instruction from certified LD teachers, all within a loving, Christian educational environment. With individual programs designed specifically for each student, these families can now, without leaving campus, finally have access to both a Christian environment and educational assistance that have been sought after for so long. The ultimate educational goal for our students is for them to become strong, successful learners, forging ahead on this college preparatory tract, while at the same time addressing their individual learning styles.

Wesleyan has come to the realization that we must go the next step and provide for these very intelligent students who are struggling because of their learning differences. God has blessed that effort, providing both the space and the funds needed to begin this exciting program. In June 2003, the Enrichment Center came into being through the prayers of many individuals; and the administration, staff, and parents have wholeheartedly embraced this program into the total WCA family. 

EC - Mr. Mehegan and scienceThe Enrichment Center is unique to programs in other private schools. It is not a pull-out resource program, and the students do not receive instruction in simply reading, math, and written language. All core academic subjects are taught in the Enrichment Center, freeing the student from the frustrations that arise in the various classes being taught. The student is better able to concentrate on truly learning the material, instead of simply rote learning and then forgetting the material within an hour of the test. True learning is now taking place with these individuals. The small student-to-teacher ratio further allows each student to perform to his/her best ability. Immediate reinforcement assures that a skill will not be learned incorrectly, and the teacher provides ample opportunity for repetition and correction on a minute-by-minute basis. Multisensory instruction is emphasized.

A requirement of the Enrichment Center is that all reading/written language teachers be certified in the area of learning disabilities. In addition, all teachers are trained in The Hill Center methodology, a nationally known, multi-modality program based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading and writing. This is an explicit instructional method, proven to be very effective with this population of students. The teacher designs a personal, individualized program, based on each student’s psycho-educational evaluation, which is then adhered to throughout the course of the year. This program is incrementally consistent and follows the best strategies that have been researched and proven to be educationally sound. These strategies include, among many other components, teaching both phonics and phonemic awareness and then demonstrating this acquired knowledge by transferring these skills into both the realms of reading and written language.

The Enrichment Center students are highly involved in all aspects of the school community. Elementary students begin each day in homerooms with all their peers, then join them throughout the course of the day for their special classes, such as art, music, and P.E. Each middle school and high school student changes classes along with all the other students and is involved in the same electives, fine arts classes, and physical education classes. Lunch and chapel are also shared with all students, as well as sports participation in the afternoons. It has been a delight to see our students involved in our fine arts productions and in our strong athletic program. After all, the strength of these students often lies in the fine arts and/or sports arenas. For a full list of middle school and high school activities and clubs, please visit the middle school, high school, and athletic web pages.

Where else can you find this unique program within a college preparatory, Christ-centered community of learning? Come join us on this exciting journey, as we purposefully set out to unlock the keys to these brilliant minds.

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