Welcome to the Wesleyan Christian Academy Alumni website! We are so glad that you have found your way here and hope that you will find this site useful in keeping you informed and up to date with the Academy and your classmates. The electronic age of the 21st century has made it more practical to remain in touch with alumni through the internet. Although we have some of your email addresses and information - we want to gather more. I encourage you to register and give us your most current information. I know a lot of you may still be in transition, but this will give us a way to keep in touch with you can update as often as needed! We want to be able to send you information about what's happening on campus, what events are scheduled for the future and share how God continues to bless our school.

As alumni, you are important to us! YOU are the product that our school produces. No matter how talented the faculty, how Christ-centered the curriculum, how blessed the school, how green the grass or the records of our sports teams, the best thing about Wesleyan must be the alumni. They represent Wesleyan to the world by who they are and by the impact they have on the culture and society they encounter after their years here. If Wesleyan is truly a good place for children, it will be reflected in the attitudes, actions, and lives lived by its alumni! So, we want to hear how you are doing, what you are doing and where. We want to hear what you learned after you left Centennial Street and how is God using that in your life. Please send me an email, post a message on the registration, or Facebook me to let me know how you are doing. I look forward to reconnecting with you again!

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 Click here for a brochure on the 2013 ALUMNI GAMES  -- Nov. 8, 2013