Class Schedule

Below are two groups of schedules. The first group will be the class schedule for specials (classes such as music, P.E., and art) for each of the elementary teachers. If you click on the teacher's name, you will be able to view and print out the schedule of specials for that teacher.

The second group will be the special class schedules. All students go from their classroom to these specials on a regular basis. If you click on a specific special class you will be able to see when your child will be in that special. This is also printable. 

Classroom Teacher's Schedule &  Specials

 Mrs. Anita Brand

 Mrs. Emily Orman

 Mrs. Beth Robinson

 Mrs. Brenda Reeves


Mrs. Lauren McLamb

 Mrs. Teneicea Burchette

Mrs. Lauren McLamb

 Mrs. Amy Jordan 

 Mrs. Sharon Craft 

 Mrs. Tonia Schram

 Mrs. Susan Cates

 Mrs. Kathy Stallings

 Mrs. Cindy Moffitt

 Mrs. Marcy Peck

 Mrs. Donna Cebollero

 Mrs. Vanessa Sullens


 Mrs. Kim Parker

Specials Schedule by Area

Art Schedule

Computer Schedule 

Library Schedule

Music Schedule

Physical Education Schedule
Instructional swimming classes are a part of the PE curriculum. There are a minimum of 10 swimming classes per year.

Foreign Language


Stem Lab