Director of College Counseling

The college application and selection process is a very important part of the complete package of a Wesleyan Christian Academy education. As we believe in a Christ-centered education, we also believe that the college process should be Christ-centered. While there are many colleges at which students can receive a quality education, it is important to find the one where each student can grow academically as well as spiritually. Consequently, the college guidance department provides comprehensive guidance services for all high school students.

The two most important decisions students will ever make are (1) the decision to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to walk with Him throughout their lives and (2) the choice of a life-long mate. Because these decisions are often made between the ages of 18-24, the college choice becomes a very important part of the puzzle. The decisions made, the lifestyles adopted, and the people chosen as life-long companions are often cemented during the college years.

Parents are strongly advised and encouraged to be part of this process from the very beginning of 9th grade. The high school counselor communicates on a regular basis with parents through an email system. Emails include attachments of student newsletters, frequent reminders of coming events and deadlines, and many pieces of helpful information. Any parents who are not currently receiving these emails should notify the counselor and ask to be included in the email list.

Michelle Ledbetter

Director of College Counseling

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