Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is a big year! The students begin to develop life-long trends, and we feel it is very important that we help them to develop good skills in a variety of areas. Listed below is a brief summary of some of the more important areas.

Learning Styles: The students will be introduced to the three different learning styles and discover which style is best for them. It is so important that each child learns to recognize their learning style so they can better understand and develop that God-given style. Guidance will be given in how to best study in each style.

The three learning styles are: Auditory, Visual, and Tactile/Kinesthetic.

Time Management: Also in sixth grade, emphasis is placed on learning how to manage their time effectively. We will help the students learn how to make and use a study schedule as well as discuss other areas of time management.

Note Taking: Emphasis will be placed on the different forms of note taking and how to use them in studying. By doing this, a student will be able to find the form that they can best fit with their learning style.

Organization Skills: A vital skill that is taught in sixth grade is organization. Along the same line is the importance of learning how to create an appropriate study environment within the home. We will discuss ways to organize the book bags and study areas. Without developing this skill, transition into seventh grade will be much more difficult.

Test Preparation: The emphasis here will be on how to prepare for and take tests.

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