international student admissions policy

Wesleyan Christian Academy is interested in attracting international students who are motivated to learn, who are strong in character, and who are amenable to Christian instruction of high quality.  Wesleyan Christian Academy only admits international students in our High School grades 9-12.  Programs at Wesleyan Christian Academy are designed to meet the needs of students who are average or above average in ability and achievement.  A Resource Program is available within the Academy, which is designed to serve children with mild to moderate learning disabilities in reading and math (and/or language arts). An Enrichment Center program is available for students with moderate to severe learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders.

In order for an international student to be considered for admission into Wesleyan Christian Academy, the following documentation and fees must be submitted to the school before the student begins. Unfortunately, incomplete applications cannot be considered.

APPLICATION:   International applications are available via pdf and can be requested by emailing the Admissions Director at  Applications are accepted beginning January 1, prior to the year of desired entrance.  International student openings are limited and applicants are encouraged to apply by May 1.  Class placement is dependent on available space and is not confirmed until an applicant completes all admission procedures and the school receives the completed and signed New Student Application and Fee, and New Student Enrollment Agreement.  

Applications must be sent with a non-refundable international student application fee.  If admitted, an additional new student registration fee is due within 10 days of the date of the acceptance letter in order to hold the applicant’s spot for the following Fall.  For information on International Student Tuition, please see the end of this document.

GRADES & TRANSCRIPTS:  The parent/guardian must provide an English translation of the applicant’s grade report and/or school transcript.  Students must be in good academic and behavioral standing for the previous year immediately prior to entering Wesleyan Christian Academy.

PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS:  The following three (3) personal recommendations are required:

  • Two (2) Teacher Recommendations
  • One (1) Pastor / Christian Character Reference

STUDENT'S PERSONAL STATEMENT:  All international applicants are asked to complete their Student Personal Statement.  The questions should be answered in the student’s own handwriting.

ADMISSION TESTING:   Applicants for admission may be required to take an entrance exam.  The school uses the Stanford Achievement Test to assess student readiness for admission and for placement.  In some circumstances scores from other standardized tests may be accepted.     

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY:  Applicants must be English proficient and have the ability to function in a classroom where instruction is provided only in English.  Applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency (oral, written, and listening comprehension).  Wesleyan Christian Academy does not offer ESL classes. Students in grades 9-11 are also required to take the TOEFL Junior ( and 12thgrade students must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL) IB or PB at a location in their country.  Scores should be submitted to Wesleyan Christian Academy.

PRINCIPAL INTERVIEW:  A personal interview with the applicant and the applicant’s parent or guardian is required. Appointments for the interview will be arranged by the High School staff after the application, fee, and other required forms have been received and testing has been completed.  Due to distance, this interview may take place over the phone, via Skype, or by some other communicative device.

HOUSING:  It is the responsibility of the international student’s family to secure housing for the time that they are enrolled at Wesleyan Christian Academy. The school can assist in identifying a host family if requested.  The host family must meet the school’s spiritual admissions qualifications and at least one adult must be fluent in English.  The international student’s family must also supply the Host Family with a pre-determined living allowance to cover living expenses for each year of enrollment at Wesleyan.  To learn more about this fee, please see below.

In addition, the parent or guardian of the international applicant must supply the following information prior to an admission’s decision being made: 

      • Affidavit of Support and Supporting Documentation Required by the INS 
      • Full payment of the International Application Fee
      • Full payment of the New Student Registration Fee
      • Completed FACTS Tuition Draft Form - monthly tuition drafts must be made from a U.S. bank account or full tuition payment
      • Completed and signed New Student Enrollment Agreement 
      • A copy of the applicants Visa, Passport, I-94, and Birth Certificate  

ADMISSION & ENROLLMENT NOTIFICATION:  International applicants will be notified as soon as possible after completion of the previous steps regading their acceptance and admission to Wesleyan Christian Academy.  Prior to issuance of an I-20, applicants must complete all of the above admission steps.  

HEALTH & EMERGENCY INFORMATION:  Once an applicant is admitted to Wesleyan, the following health documents are required before the student can start school in the Fall:

      • Proof of up-to-date immunizations – must have North Carolina state required immunizations 
      • Current tuberculosis (TB) test  
      • Emergency Medical Information Form – Signed by Parent!  
      • Proof of student’s medical insurance  
      • Photo Release Form – Signed  

APPLICATION & WITHDRAWAL POLICY:  According to the Enrollment Agreement, all application and registration fees are non-refundable and due  at the time of enrollment and/or re-enrollment.  For all withdrawals after June 1, parents are charged the equivalent of one month's tuition plus the pro-rated tuition based upon actual days enrolled.


2015-16 TUITION & FEES
  Application fee* (one time): $200.00  
  New Student Registration Fee* (one time): $400.00  
  Annual International Student Tuition: ** $14,110.00  
  Annual Host Family Living Expense: $8,000.00  
  Total Annual Cost: $22,110.00  


  • * The Application and New Student Registration Fees are non-refundable.
  • ** Please note that the International Student Tuition does not include:  school lunches, class or school field trips, AP classes, resource classes, graduation fees, athletic fees, etc.

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