High School:

Wind Ensemble:

Wind Ensemble is the most advanced level of the bands at Wesleyan. In Wind Ensemble students develop concepts of ensemble balance, musical interpretation, and music appreciation through rehearsals covering theory, history and performance proficiency. The Wind Ensemble presents four concerts during the school year, as well as competes in contest festivals and community events. 


Servant is an auditioned high school vocal ensemble that enjoys regular performance opportunities in concerts, chapel services, local churches, community events, District Festivals, and an annual Spring Tour. Building on concepts cultivated in elementary and middle school, this group holds to a high standard of excellence that includes multi-part reading, memorization, confident musical expression, and embracing a passion for ministry.



This vocal ensemble is comprised of auditioned girls in grades 9-12.  The varied selections of SSA music provide an opportunity for confident musical expression and a standard of excellence in vocal production and performance.  These young ladies have an opportunity to sing in four concerts per year and participate in  District Festivals.


High School Chorus:

High School Chorus is a group open to any student in grades 9-12 who loves to sing.  Building on concepts cultivated in elementary and middle school, this group holds to a high standard of excellence that includes multi-part reading, memorization, and confident musical expression.  The chorus participates in four on-campus concerts and in the District and ACSI Festivals. 


Praise Band:

The Praise Band learns the intricacies of playing as a rhythm section and facilitating worship music for the student body. They also collaborate with vocal groups and the Wind Ensemble for special performances. To join the band, students must audition on drums, keyboard, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or vocals. Throughout the year, each member is taught performance techniques that are appropriate for their instrument and complementary to the ensemble as a whole. Even as they enjoy playing in contemporary styles, students are encouraged to make their music a personal love expression to the Giver of everything good. 


 Dramatic Arts:

Dramatic Arts is a developing program for students with outstanding drama skills.  This course of study offers and introduction to drama and oral interpretation, including theatrical vocabulary, acting techniques, and learning to use the voice and body effectively in performance. Students also study an overview of the history of drama and types of drama. Students take part in all aspects of production, including auditioning, directing, publicity, costuming, stage design, and performance. At least one formal production is done, and short productions are performed for student chapels. Students have the opportunity to take both Drama I and II in High School, and as an elective in Middle School, grades 6-8. 



High School students have the opportunity to take Art I, Art II, and Honors Art III.

High school students study how to incorporate the elements and principles of art into their own work as well as discover how other artists use these concepts.  As the student advances, he is encouraged to work inde- pendently on projects mutually agreed on by the student and teacher, and to learn the skills and vocabulary for interpreting and judging artworks from various period, cultures and styles.  At the honors level the student is ready to begin an in-depth study of individualized goals.

 Scholastic Art Award Winners

In the Sunlight By: Alex Allis

One Way Out By: Ashley Morgan



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