Middle School

Middle School Band:  

Through band, students learn a wide range of musical concepts.  From the beginning, students acquire the fundamentals of posture, breathing, and good tone production on their instruments.  The band program begins in Middle School at 6th grade with a seperate band for each grade level.  These students participate in selected concerts throughout the year.  



Middle School Art:

In middle school the fifth grade art students meet weekly, while the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students study art as a chosen elective.

Middle School Chorus:

This group is open to all middle school students. Building on the excellence of the fourth grade chorus, this class establishes musical fundamentals such as pitch recognition, rhythm recognition, dynamics, phrasing, articulation, and pronunciation. Students experience various musical styles, learn to sing in multiple parts, and participate in sight-singing exercises designed to accelerate their musical development through high school and beyond. They perform four concerts on campus, they participate in District Festivals and compete in the Car- owinds Music Festival in the spring.



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