Elementary Principal Welcome

Welcome to the elementary page of Wesleyan Christian Academy's Web site!  I hope you will find this part of the site helpful in learning more about the elementary program.

Our Lord has notably blessed this elementary school with a most experienced and exceptionally talented faculty.  Their deep commitment to a Christian worldview serves as the moral underpinning for creating in each classroom a loving and nurturing culture that honors both high standards for behavior and achievement. Gifted teachers with this underpinning have contributed to an elementary setting where parents become increasingly supportive of the school as students thrive.  In the end, we acknowledge all of these things as a genuine blessing from our Lord! 

May this same Lord bless your family as you consider educational settings for your children.  We would be delighted, if in that process, the Lord confirms to you that the elementary program at Wesleyan Christian Academy would serve as a meaningful extension of your home in best helping you fulfill your Christian child-rearing responsibilities. 

If any of this information raises your interest in WCA or brings additional questions to mind, please contact me by phone (336-884-3333, ext. 223) or email ( ).  Moreover, if you are in this local area, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your children and Wesleyan’s elementary programs. 


Perry Nicklow, Ph.D.
Elementary Principal  

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