Walk with me across a hanging bridge that spans an enormous ravine through which a raging river thunders; its ravenous current and its treacherous banks, strewn with jagged rocks, wait to claim any victim who fails and falls prey to its destruction.  Each step takes you away from the security with which you are familiar and comfortable and leads you to an uncharted land full of unknown challenges and adventures. You want to retreat back to the safety of familiarity, but you are driven forward, drawn to the adventures on the other side; yet you fail to recognize that the bridge you are navigating right now is its own adventure. Welcome to middle school. 

Okay, maybe that is a little overly dramatic; however, a parallel certainly exists. Middle school is the bridge which links the elementary school to the high school -- a time when students move from the familiarity and comfort of the self-contained elementary classroom to the uncertainty of high school and its unknown challenges. This bridge is being crossed while some of the greatest personal changes are taking place in the lives of the middle school students. Typically, they are going through tremendous developmental changes: intellectually, emotionally, and physically. What is Wesleyan Christian Academy's purpose in this time of change? 

Our purpose is to help our students successfully move across the bridge into the adventure of high school while enjoying and profiting from the adventure of the bridge itself. We have an experienced faculty and staff that understands the developmental needs of middle school students, loves these students, and most importantly, is committed to the LORD, the One Who created these students and their developmental stages.  Because of this, we intentionally seek to meet our middle school students' spiritual, academic, social, and physical needs from a Christian worldview, which gives absolute direction and allows each student to meet his or her specific potential in Christ -- not only into high school, but beyond. It is an exciting bridge! 

Tim Kohns
Middle School Principal

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