Tuition and Fees for 2015-16


Tuition Information 

Annual Tuition & Fees
10-Month Draft Amount
12-Month Draft Amount

Elementary School

K1 - 4 $8,655.00 $865.50 $721.25

Middle School

5 - 8 $9,510.00 $951.00 $792.50

High School

9 - 12 $10,110.00 $1011.00 $842.50

Enrichment Center

K - 12 $16,890.00 $1,689.00 $1,407.50



1. Tuition Payment Options:  Tuition and fees can be paid in full or drafted on a monthly basis.  Full tuition payments must be made on or before June 1.  Both the 10-month and 12-month draft payments begin June 1 and extend in equal payments.  All families wishing to pay by draft must sign up online at

2.  The annual tuition and fee amounts above cover:  accident insurance, workbooks, textbook rental, yearbook, elementary collared shirt (K1 - 4), original set of gym clothes (6), CPR class (8), science/computer lab, and PSAT (9-11).

3.  The annual tuition and fee amounts above do not cover:  school lunches, after-school care, class or school field trips, AP classes, resource classes (for general academy students), graduation fees (12), athletic fees, etc.

4. Withdrawal Fees: Withdrawals made after June 1 will result in a one-month, nonrefundable fee (One month's tuition is based upon 1/12th the annual tuition) plus the portion of the school year completed.  There are no exceptions to this board policy.

5.  International student tuition: Information about international student admission and tuition costs an be found under the International Student Admission link.


  Click here for a copy of the New Student Registration and Fee Schedule