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“Wesleyan’s Annual Gift Giving has meant a great deal to me over the years, because it affords opportunities to Wesleyan students that would not be possible otherwise. As an athlete I appreciate the equipment purchased with these funds, and as a student, I was very thankful for the technology and materials the Gift Giving provides. I am very grateful for the generosity of our many contributors and the way they touch each of our lives.”

Lukas, Salutatorian-Class of 2009

 Annual Gift Giving Fund


The Annual Gift Giving (AGG) program began in 1989 to replace multiple fund-raising projects which had become challenging to administer as well as repetitive in requesting support from parents. One well-planned annual fund replaced multiple smaller projects. Today, the AGG is a school wide event that incorporates students, staff, parents, grandparents, and local businesses in a focused campaigned that is directed by a steering committee of parent volunteers and assisted by staff from the Development Department.

The Annual Gift Giving campaign is intended to...

Honor the Lord; provide opportunities for fellowship among students, parents, friends, and staff; increase the recognition of the academy within the local community; identify specific enhancements that will benefit students; and secure financial support for enhancements that will enable students the opportunity to participate in an exceptionally strong Christian school program.

Impact of AGG

Tuition is the primary source of revenue for the operational budget, but the operational budget cannot provide the enhancements that have helped to make the academy an exceptionally strong Christian school. Therefore, the focus of the AGG is upon Enhancements. Since its inception and through the generosity of many donors, more than $3.5 million have been raised in the AGG campaign supporting enhancements in areas such as:

Academic program including classroom equipment, educational resources, and technology/science labs; athletics including: Middle School, junior varsity, and varsity teams; Fine Arts including visual art, music (band and vocal), and drama; technology including equipping two computer labs and all classrooms with a wide variety of technology equipment and software; Media Center including books, reference materials, technology equipment and software; playground equipment; and  financial aid support.

The AGG impacts every student, every grade level, and every department through the support that is raised within this campaign. Each year, the AGG brochure identifies the financial goal of the campaign, the specific areas of support, and other helpful information.

Family Involvement

The success of the AGG campaign is directly related to the support by academy families and their generosity. The goal is to have 100% of all students / families participants. Classrooms that reach their participation goal of 100% are recognized and awarded special activities. Each family is encouraged to be a participant in the campaign through providing financial support as well as serving as a volunteer.

Business / Corporate Sponsor

In addition to the financial support provided by Wesleyan families, the academy has been fortunate to have many local businesses that support the AGG through becoming a Business / Corporate Partner. Over 100 local businesses annually support the AGG campaign. Their generosity and support is deeply appreciated and impacts the lives of students. A special golf tournament is sponsored in behalf of the Business / Corporate Partners. More information and a special brochure are available for businesses that wish to consider becoming a Business / Corporate Sponsor.

For more information, contact the Director of Development, Chris Glover at Wesleyan Christian Academy (  or 336-884-3333 x221).

Strip of AGG Enhancements

"You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion.” 2 Corinthians 9:11  

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Partner with Wesleyan   Christian Academy as we strive to produce young people who will be productive   and contributing members both in society and within the body of Christ. For   your convenience, we have provided  an on-line contribution  form. After you
open the contribution form, please  print it, and then fill it out. You can either fax the form to us at (336-884-8232), or return it to the main academy office to the   attention of Chris Glover. Please click here to access the form. Thank   you for supporting of Wesleyan Christian Academy.


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