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                          You are the key to bringing future generations to Christ.

The Need

For many years, parents have partnered with Wesleyan Christian Academy in order to ensure their children benefit from an exceptionally strong Christian school education. In 1981, the first graduation was held. Today, over 1500 graduates serve in a wide variety of vocations and professions. The desire for Christian school education continues to grow, but the cost of education becomes an increasingly difficult challenge for parents and school.

As a private Christian school, Wesleyan Christian Academy presently relies upon tuition as its primary source of funding. Tuition provides the funds to pay personnel cost, facility expenses, and program cost. Wesleyan Christian Academy does not receive funding from the government or any other third party for tuition. Although the academy is committed to practicing good stewardship in the use of each tuition dollar, the school and parents continue to face a challenging barrier: balancing affordability with cost of operation. For families with limited financial resources, the challenge becomes insurmountable.

The Solution

To meet this significant challenge, the WES500 Financial Aid Fund was established. The fund was initially established based upon a gift of $500 that would be used for assisting families who have qualified and documented need for financial assistance. WES500 has become an important SOLUTION to meet this increasing NEED. As the Need has grown, so has the Solution. Over the years, an increasing number of donors including: parents, grandparents, and friends of the academy have invested in the lives of students through a gift to this fund. Without this fund, many students would not be able to attend the academy. In recent years, over 160 students per year were provided WES500 financial assistance, which represents approximately 16% of Wesleyan students.

The Gift

The donor has two options regarding their gift:

  • A one year gift, or
  • A multi-year pledge. (Pledges can be for two or three years, payable monthly, quarterly, or annually)

All gifts (both larger and smaller) are needed and appreciated. Gifts are used to support financial aid. Your consideration of support is deeply appreciated, and will have an immediate and eternal benefit in the life of a child.

For more information, contact  the Director of Development, Chris Glover,  at Wesleyan Christian Academy (  or 336-884-3333 x221).


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Partner with Wesleyan   Christian Academy as we strive to produce young people who will be productive   and contributing members both in society and within the body of Christ. For   your convenience, we have provided  an on-line contribution  form. After you
open the contribution form, please  print it, and then fill it out. You can either fax the form to us at (336-884-8232), or return it to the main academy office to the   attention of Chris Glover. Please click here to access the form. Also, you may access the on-line donation form by clicking here.  Thank   you for supporting of Wesleyan Christian Academy.


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